At Brett’s, we offer more than 30 flavours - 16 at a time- with a new feature flavour every week. We have vegan, dairy and gluten-free options. Our ice cream is handcrafted made with premium and all natural ingredients. 


Try it on a ‘Konery’ Cone for the ultimate ice cream experience!

Wildflower Honey Vanilla
Muskoka S'Mores
Mocha Maple
Wild Blueberry Cheesecake
Cinnamon Bun
Dairy Free Chocolate
Cherry Cheesecake with Dark Chocolate
Salted Caramel with Maldon's Sea Salt
Dulce de Leche with Spiced Chocolate
Buttered Scotch Whiskey with Smoked Almonds & Salted Caramel
Callebaut Dark Chocolate 'Straight Up'
Obscene Brownie with Saltine Toffee
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Wild Blueberry Lavender
Raspberry Lime Fro Yo
Raspberry White Chocolate
Garden Mint Chip
Apple Crumble
Key Lime Pie
Blackberry Lemon
Cranberry Raspberry
Rhubarb Ginger
Avocado Lime
Melon Prosecco
Blackberry Earl Grey
 Butter Tart
Coconut Mango Sticky Rice
Strawberry Rhubarb (Seasonal)
Basil Lemon Gelato

Some of our flavours include:

ice cream

Turn any of our ice creams into a

Milkshake or Sundae

with your choice of toppings.

Looking for an even healthier option?
Combine fruit  with almond / milk or coconut water
for a delicious Smoothie.


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